Friday, 14 February 2014

A look at the range

The weather here in Devon is causing us no end of trouble, hampering efforts and building frustration. Progress is being made, however, and my team are eager for the fray!

In the meantime I would like to thank everybody for their kind emails, support and continued interest in the Polly Oliver range. I was especially pleased at the photographs you have sent to me of your Polly Oliver units and armies, please keep them coming! These will be posted on the website gallery once things are running but I thought you may like to see one now; my thanks go to Andrew McMaster for this wonderful picture. There are more, but I shall keep them close for now.

Polly Oliver Highlanders, painted by and from the collection of Andrew McMaster.

Of course the picture shows only the Highlanders and I know that many of you are keen to see the other figures in the flesh, so to speak. Perhaps the best way is to show you some of the figures as they appeared to purchasers 'back in the day', as they were displayed at shows in the original wooden cabinet that we still have. In those days the figures could be bought individually, hence the code numbers visible at the figure bases.

The British Infantry marching, shoulder arms, advancing and charging.

The British Grenadiers, AR19 onwards, marching, shoulder arms, advancing and charging.
A few of the American troops. these come with either 1779 pattern uniforms or hunting jackets. Each type has a choice of headgear, tricorn, slouch hat or light infantry cap.

American troops in 1779 regulation uniform AR123/126 and two of the riflemen in caps.

Some of the Hessian troops, the commands for the musketeer, fusiliers and grenadiers.

The 6lb gun and the five crew figures in tricorn hats

The 3lb galloper gun with the five crew figures in slouch hats

I hope that these have been of some help and whetted a few appetites. As you can see, the figures are packed with character and will grace any wargames table.

Following some incredibly helpful emails from you all I can confirm that I do intend to add to the current range of figures with a set suitable for the southern campaigns. My own thoughts are also towards a heavier gun and an increased militia set. No idea of time scale as yet of course but rest assured such expansions are foremost in my mind. Please keep sending in your ideas and thoughts on range expansion and, of course, you wonderful pictures of painted Polly Oliver figures!

Regards, Polly

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